Understanding the customer is the initial phase of our work. His problems, requirements, demands, short falls, constrains … all are identified. Then we are addressed with solutions as a whole or separately. At Max Web Developers, we do not merely churn out aesthetically appealing designs that do no good to an organisation. Our works involve the right thought process and hence, we take care of each client’s distinctive marketing objectives, corporate practices and over all vision. From concept to creation, our team is so particular about producing results.

We Observe, Listen and Learn

Preparatory sessions: Whenever a person calls in and places his requirements, our team fixes a meeting with him. At the meeting we familiarize with client’s tastes, his objective, his needs, his target audience, goals and his valuable suggestions.

Proposition: As per the studies we develop a proposal keeping in mind all the resources, technical aspects and the prerequisites of the project. And obviously the cost breakdowns are carefully worked out in this phase. There are no hidden costs. No additional charges. Only if the proposal is acceptable to the client, we move on to the next step.

Time Lines: Step by step, time schedules outline all critical mile stones and deadlines, ensuring timely delivery of your project.

Creativity at its Full Bloom

We think. We put our brains to work. We burn the midnight oil. We might go to any end to attain an idea that identifies with our client. We are open to every member of the team who bring forth ideas to get more alternatives.

Technology integration: After the finalization of the idea we start working on the technical aspects. Which technology, functionalities, platforms, coding standards, usability, also color, size, counts.

Out put internal reviews: an out line of the project has taken shape and we put it up for a review. The team meets and search for flaws. We make necessary changes. Your involvement is also appreciated at every stage of the project.

Your Evaluation

User Evaluation: once the project is reviewed, we conduct various user tests to confirm, we are going towards the right direction. Suggestions are welcomed and new ideas if any are incorporated. We go back to working on bringing the project to perfection.

First mock-up to client: when the first level mock-up is completed, we present it to the client. Now it’s his turn to put forward any amendments. Ofcourse the comments are important to bring the project to perfection.

Refinement: now comes the refinement part. We double check every part of the design, color schemes, content, bugs if any and get the final approval from the client to move on to the next step.

Design Distillation

Once again the project is sent through very tough and meticulous appraisal. Design, technicality, other aspects are finalized.

Compatibility testing: the project on conclusion is sent for approval. The work is tested on all different browsers and multiple platforms (MAC & PC) to be sure that the graphics are displayed properly; it’s supported by all browsers etc.

Suppliers Coordination: In the case of printed materials, we personally meet the printer, double and triple check the color schemes, ensure the clarity and quality keeping in mind your requirements.

Delivery: The projects on completion will be personally hand delivered to you on time as guaranteed. On delivery we test the website before you to ensure every thing is ok.

Extending Relationship

Once-over: Subsequent to the delivery of the project, we provide training for certain customers for operating required areas.

Contracts: If there is a maintenance contract we abide to work by that. In cases where there are no commitments as contracts we follow up every projects we have completed. If service such as updates, renovations, or revamping, it’s available at rates suited for your pockets.